The Unboxing Experience

The unboxing experience. It's a real thing. As consumers, we are becoming less and less satisfied with our shopping cart items arriving without it. When was the last time you purchased online? Can you remember the feeling of opening that package? Was your item wrapped? Was there a note? Did it exceed your expectations? If you can't remember, I would take a guess and say No, it didn’t. But it should have.

I remember a time I bought some clothes for my kids from a local designer, it arrived and it was wrapped in tissue paper with a little sticker and it felt like a gift, a gift I had paid for, but still, it felt like a gift.

I remember a time I booked a restaurant for my husband and I to go for dinner and we arrived at a table with a plate of sourdough and olive oil already on the table - complementary. I couldn’t believe it, but guess what - we went back again and again and spent a lot more than those little slices of bread cost.

I also remember a time I checked into a hotel, the hotel staff noted I had children and had organized for some milk and cookies to be sent to the room - that hotel became my place of preference and I can assure you we spent a lot more than those milk and cookies.

I don’t know why but wherever I go and whatever I buy, my expectations of the unboxing experience are always high. Be it a hotel, a restaurant booking or a package in the mail - I believe that humanity should always be made to feel like someone cared that little bit more about the unboxing experience.

Here at Village, you can expect the unboxing experience every time.